Yoga for the Body and Mind

4-11-16 Yoga for the Body and Mind Header

Yoga is a great way to start the week – it can perk you up (without the coffee!) and give you the mental space to invite positivity and energy into your daily routine. In fact, yoga has been transforming people’s lives for thousands of years, allowing individuals to exercise not only their bodies, but their minds as well.

Yoga cultivates a focus on the breath, being in tune with the body, and bringing awareness to the present moment. The results can be reductions in depression, anxiety, and stress. And the physical benefits are also numerous: better flexibility, balance, posture, muscle strength, immune system, and so much more. The best part about yoga is that most anyone can do the basic poses!

Welcome the new day and the beginning of the week with a few, simple moves from the sun salutation yoga routine:

  • ‌• Stand tall with hands together at chest.
  • ‌• Inhale, lift arms above head, & slightly arch your back.
  • ‌• Exhale & fold chest over legs, keeping knees slightly bent.
  • ‌•Inhale as you return to the original position.

View our infographic for the entire sun salutation routine and get your week started with positive energy, balance, and flexibility!