Weekly Tips

It Might be Time for a Digital Detox

Call it what you will — a day to disconnect, a digital detox, a social media sabbatical — but the point is: We can all benefit from some time away from our technology.

Are You Smartphone Stressed?

Don’t let your smartphone stress you out; use Destress Monday as a day to disconnect and rethink the role your wearable technology plays in your life.

Monday Refresh

The DeStress Monday Refresh is a series of stress-relieving practices designed to help settle your mind (through deep breathing), center you in the here and now (through mindfulness), chase away negative thoughts (by shifting to the positive), and encourage mental and physical wellness (by getting moving).

Move Over Resolutions, Set Positive Intentions for the New Year

Use Monday to set positive intentions all year long. That’s 52 Mondays, or 52 opportunities to be expansive and refresh your positivity each week.

Best of 2019: Get Moving

We’re featuring our most popular articles related to relieving stress through physical activity. Check out the articles and start sweating the stress away.

Best of 2019: Shift to the Positive

We’ve compiled a list of our most popular articles from 2019 to help shift your mindset and actions to the positive. Whether it’s using social media to spread good vibes or learning (or reminding yourself) how to quickly unwind, these tips and techniques will prove useful for the rest of your life.

Best of 2019: Mindfulness

Check out our top articles on mindfulness. That means embracing the entire sensory experience and noticing everything going on around you.

Best of 2019: Deep Breathing

When you breathe deeply, you are sending a message to your brain to calm down and relax. Check out our top articles and tips on how breathing techniques can help with the alleviation of stress and try them out this DeStress Monday.

Share the Love

Use Destress Monday as a day to make love go viral with our gloriously gleeful GIF.

Gratitude Goes a Long Way

Gratitude means taking what you have and making it enough. By pausing that extra second to appreciate the things we hold most dear — family, friends, our health, that morning cup of coffee, we can improve our own wellbeing and influence the lives of others. And this impact can span from the psychological to the physical.