This is the Key To Achieving Your Goals

We all have goals, like changing careers, getting into shape, or conquering a fear. They all come with their fair share of obstacles.

Shifting into a more positive mindset can produce the results you’re looking for. Keeping a journal will give you the perspective you need to recognize where your life needs correction and focus on what’s going right.

Here are some ways your journal can shift your life into a productive state on Monday:

  1. Address your issues. First, you must address the problems that could be holding you back. Write down your obstacles, whether it’s your fears, a physical dilemma, or a negative relationship with a friend or family member.
  2. Focus on the good things. Next, think of the things that are going well so that you get into the mindset that will help you take on the world. Jot down how you recently got back into shape, was awarded a promotion at work, or aced a recent exam.
  3. Update your diet. Some food that you don’t like of may hold the key to the energy you need to stay productive throughout the day. Keep a record of portions and what is in your meals so that you know what should stay in or leave your diet.
  4. Get/stay active. How you feel on a daily basis may be based on the amount of activity you engage in. Create a schedule for weight lifting, jogging, or a game of racquetball or basketball with friends so that you can boost your mental and physical energy.
  5. Increase your interactions. Talking to people can put you in the right mood to get things done. Make a note to start a conversation with different people throughout the day. They could be a co-worker, a relative in the town next over, or a complete stranger.

Put these steps into writing this Monday so that you can start your week positive and keep the rest of it that way.