Taming Your “Monkey Mind”

Sometimes it feels like thoughts are jumping all over the place, like a monkey swinging from vine to vine. This constant mental activity can create worry, stress, and even loss of sleep. This Monday, destress with some focused and centered breathing to tame your monkey mind.

Use a simple mindful meditation technique to quickly restore calm.

  1. Sit free from distractions and notice your breath. Center yourself with a few deep breaths. Then breathe normally, placing your attention on the inhale and exhale.
  2. At some point, the monkey mind will want to play again. Gently, return your awareness to your breath instead, to calmly and normally inhale and exhale as before.
  3. Using your breath, the monkey mind will naturally subside.

You might wonder, what is monkey mind? When we feel unsettled, we go quickly from one thought to another, preoccupied mostly with the past, present, or future. When you sit quietly, replacing the object of your thoughts with your breath instead of anxiety, it naturally calms your monkey mind.

Focusing on your breath also supports your body. When you restore calm, your heart beats slower, which means it’s working less, and your stress levels naturally decelerate, too.

This Monday, instead of giving your monkey mind one more banana, tame it with some calm breathing, then keep practicing it at intervals throughout the day and the week.

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