Take Back Your Calm With Our DeStress Journal

DeStress Journal

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What stresses you out the most? Whether it’s rush-hour traffic, speaking in public, writing a report, or just dealing with difficult people, many of us experience stress in some form every day. The problem is, when stress goes unchecked, it can affect our productivity, our mood, and even our health. While we can’t get rid of all our stressors, we can develop better strategies to manage them.

Starting this Monday, download our DeStress Journal to help you record your stress triggers and the level of stress you experience. Then choose from among our rich resources of DeStress strategies to find some immediate relief. For instance, if you experience anxiety each time you talk to your boss, enjoy one of our breathing GIFs to help you relax, or listen to a meditation to boost your confidence. Then record what you did and your level of stress afterwards. At the end of the week, review your DeStress Journal for patterns in your triggers and check how well your DeStress strategies worked. You might find one worked so well you’ll want to use it again in other situations, or maybe you’ll want to try something new.

However you analyze your patterns, the insights you gain from recording and reviewing can help you set new DeStress goals for the week ahead and help you become better prepared to counteract triggers wherever you find them!