Sunny Start to the Day

Feel the positive energy stream through your body as you start the week with the “Sun Salutation,” a yoga exercise that stimulates both body and mind. It’s a series of poses that stretch, flex and tone your muscles, while you meditate on calm, uplifting thoughts. Begin each day with the power and optimism of a bright morning sunrise. Try it now.

Start the week with an invigorating yoga exercise that’s also a perfect way to start your day. It’s called the “Sun Salutation” and it encourages stretching and expressing gratitude for the sun as a focus of meditation.

Stand tall with your hands together at chest. Inhale, lift your arms above your head and slightly arch your back.

Exhale and fold your chest over your legs, keeping your knees slightly bent.

Inhale as your return to the original position.

See the full Sun Salutation here.