Step up From Your Desk for a Mini-Refresh


Whether you love your job or hate it, stress seems to be an inevitable hazard of work life today. In fact, nearly half of all U.S. employees report being very or extremely stressed on the job — be it demanding bosses, unsupportive co-workers, or just sitting too long glued to the computer. Our body and mind crave balance and rebooting, and one solution takes only a few minutes each hour! It’s called a “mini-refresh.”

Our core Monday Refresh practice is a great way to start the week, and mini-refreshes are short breaks that help you maintain that energy and positivity throughout the day and week. (It can even improve concentration and spark creativity!) In fact, the CDC suggests taking up to 5 minutes each hour in a work day to partake in an activity that’s not work-related.

To get started, set a timer to remind yourself every hour to do a mini-refresh. Then get inspired with some ideas from our infographic!

10 Ideas for a Mini-Refresh Infographic