Shift to the Positive

If Stress Is Haunting You, It Could Be Hurting You Too

Halloween is approaching, but it might not be ghosts and goblins that are lurking in the background. Stress can cause physical harm to your body – and you might not even know about it. This Monday, learn about how stress can cause damage to your brain and body and then find out how to prevent it before it becomes a nightmare!

How Daydreaming Can Help You Escape Stress

If you find yourself escaping into an imagined world of your own, you might be doing something that’s great for your brain. Daydreaming is seen by some people as a sign of being easily distracted or disconnected. However, daydreaming actually exercises our brain and helps us develop our emotions. This Monday, let your mind wander for a while!

Recognizing Burnout in the Workplace

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a great person to work with. Being a reliable member of a team who is always ready to take on any project at a moment’s notice is one way to give your professional career credibility and momentum. However, there is such a thing as burning out, and that only leads to less productivity. When you get back to the grind this Monday, make sure it isn’t grinding you down.

Laugh Out Loud, Lower Your Stress Levels

When life gets tough, an easy way to release tension is a good laugh. But have you ever considered “mindful laughing” while watching your favorite comedy? It might seem unlikely to think of comedy as a mindful experience, especially when the material could contain cursing, ranting, and raunchiness. But there is an argument to make for comedy as a sort of meditation. This Monday, make time to laugh out loud – for your health!

Take a Social Media Break

It’s not uncommon to reach for your smartphone when you find yourself trying to pass the time. You might even be checking your phone while doing something else, worried about the “fear of missing out.” According to a study by the American Psychological Association, 43 percent of Americans consider themselves “constant checkers,” logging in to their multiple social media accounts to see if anything is going on. But all of this “constant checking” might be causing us a lot of unnecessary stress. If you’re looking for one way to decrease your stress levels this Monday, try getting off of your phone!

Lighten Your Load

Many of us feel like we’re carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. In an effort to please as many people as possible, we make a lot of promises forgetting that we have our own priorities. Sometimes, we ask too much of ourselves. This Monday, take some time to figure out what is weighing you down and unburden yourself in the name of self-care.

Reduce Stress with Music

When stress hits, there are several ways to manage the storm of emotional and physical feelings that arise. One remedy for stress that has endured since early civilization is music. For generations, culture has produced music not just for entertainment but for our well-being. If you’re feeling stressed this Monday, put on your headphones and tune out!

The Bright Side of Hope

Trying to find something to drive you isn’t always easy, but having hope is one simple way to keep yourself going. According to positive psychology, hope motivates us towards a goal while maintaining the belief that goal can and will be achieved. It’s something we can hold on to while we persevere. If you want to set a new goal for yourself this Monday, remember to include hope while you pursue it.


If you’re feeling stressed this Monday, it might help you to look beyond yourself to find something that makes you happy. If you can think of even one person who has shown you the tiniest bit of generosity, consider yourself grateful – and thank them. The act of expressing gratitude may reduce feelings of stress in your life, so find some time this Monday to pay it forward!

Finding Balance

“Having a life” means spending your time being productive and social in the outside world. While it’s important to stay in the loop and earn a living, it’s equally important to take time for yourself. After all, you are the primary figure in your life. Spend this Monday finding balance between what you do for others and what you do for yourself.