Practice Random Acts of Kindness to DeStress Monday

Radiate kindness on Monday. When you practice kindness towards others it helps them, and surprisingly, it will help you too.

Acts of kindness are motivated by a selfless desire to help another person. However, performing random acts of kindness is one of the best ways to increase your happiness.

Extending kindness can improve your physical and mental health. It can release stress and tension, calm your emotions, and boost your immune system. It can also strengthen your connection with others, fostering a sense of belonging.

There are so many ways you can extend yourself. Being kind could mean holding the door open for a stranger. It also means going deeper, like volunteering at a charity or an event that helps others.

On Monday, start practicing kindness and then keep it up the rest of week. You’ll feel happier and stronger, which will alleviate stress and worry.

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