Move Over Resolutions, Set Positive Intentions for the New Year

The New Year offers a chance to commit to a healthier lifestyle. Monday is the ideal day of the week to make a fresh start. Use this Monday to set positive and healthy intentions for the upcoming year.

Setting intentions, or the act of positive thinking, is a powerful tool that can help achieve greater personal happiness and balance. It’s also been proven to diminish feelings of stress and anxiety.

For 2020, use Monday to set positive intentions all year long. That’s 52 Mondays, or 52 opportunities to be expansive and refresh your positivity each week.

  1. Assess Your State of Mind – Take a few deep breaths to center yourself. Check in on your feelings. What needs a positive change?
  2. Let Go – Identify what causes you stress – and let it go. Visualize your stressors, then watch them disappear.
  3. Set Your Intention – Choose a positive way to drive your week. Be caring. Be a good listener. Be confident.
  4. Refresh Throughout the Week – As the week progresses, remind yourself periodically to keep following your intention.

According to the Mayo Clinic, positive thinking can affect your health and well-being. It’s been shown to increase life span, lower rates of depression, build resilience to the common cold, and create better psychological and physical well-being.

Start all 52 Mondays in 2020 with the intention of having a fresh and positive outlook. You can look forward to a future with less stress, more self-care, and improved optimism.

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