Listen in a New Light – Mindfully

When others are speaking, it’s easy for your thoughts to wander. Suddenly you may realize you don’t remember what was just said. Mindful listening keeps you present in the moment. It enables you to better understand what people are saying, physically and emotionally. So you engage in richer, more meaningful communication.

Emotional Blizzards – Calming the Storm

The stress and strain of emotional burnout are all too real. And often, it feels the most overwhelming at the start of the week. You’re not alone. Use this simple, soothing snow globe practice to calm your mind and think more clearly.

Relax Away Stress in Each and Every Muscle

It’s easy to feel overwrought throughout the week. Mental stress often leads to physical stress, making muscles overly taut. To reduce this tension, try Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR). It’s a way of tightening and releasing each muscle, until your whole body is relaxed and your mind is stress-free.

Mindful Brushing for a Shinier Day!

This Monday morning, when you hold your toothbrush, commit to being present for the experience.

Bed-Making as a Moving Meditation

Learn how you can use a simple chore like making your bed as an actual meditation.

Strengthen Your “Awareness Muscle” to Control Impulses

The next time you find yourself having an impulsive reaction, try this practice.

Take Back Your Calm With Our DeStress Journal

Starting this Monday, download our DeStress Journal to help you record your stress triggers and the level of stress you experience. Then choose from among our rich resources of DeStress strategies to find some immediate relief.

Let Your Body Talk!

One easy way to stay connected to your physical self and better manage areas of discomfort is to do a body scan. By focusing attention on your toes and nose and every place in-between, you can help relax areas of tension and even feel less stressed about problems you are having.

Spring Into Happiness

Use the change of seasons to focus on your own personal renewal – to reconnect with yourself, refresh positive intentions, and let go any negative thoughts and emotions that are weighing you down.

Treat Yourself to Mindful Eating

Try the practice of mindful eating, which is the act of noticing the tastes, textures, and sensations of what you’re eating, and see how it helps to satisfy your hunger and your heart.