Mindful Brushing for a Shinier Day!

It’s morning, and you’ve got your toothbrush in hand, but your mind is already going a mile a minute. Are you worried about your work emails? Stressing about the day? Or just feeling completely zoned out? Take a breath. Here’s a simple way to turn that feeling around. Use this moment to make brushing your teeth a mindful experience, enabling you to collect your thoughts and reduce your stress.

Mindful brushing allows you to be fully present in the act. Instead of letting your mind wildly wander, concentrate on your senses – the taste of the toothpaste, the movement of your arm, the swish and flow of water in your mouth. Use mindfulness to slow down stressful thoughts. Let it create a calm, sensory pleasure you can reflect on throughout the day.

This Monday morning, when you hold your toothbrush, commit to being present for the experience:


  1. Feel the bathroom floor with your feet. Note how your mouth, tongue, and teeth feel before brushing.
  2. Apply the toothpaste meticulously onto the brush bristles, noticing its minty smell and bright colors.
  3. As you brush, linger on the details: your brush movement, the refreshing taste, the sensory awakening.
  4. When finished, take an extra moment to savor your clean, fresh smile.


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