A Mindful Boost to Waiting in Line

When you find yourself standing in a long line, instead of getting frustrated with the wait, why not use the time to clear your mind with a little mindfulness? This Monday, try this simple practice to stay calm and improve your outlook.

Doing a mindfulness practice can help you feel better, and can even help you feel kinder towards the people around you — you know, the ones in your way!

Whenever you find yourself stuck in line, try this practice to keep your cool:

1.  Take a few deep breaths to center yourself in the moment.

2.  Notice your thoughts and surroundings without reacting or judging.

3.  Acknowledge the presence of others and wish them well.

There is empirical evidence that mindfulness practices can reduce stress, decrease anxiety, strengthen connections with other people, and improve your quality of life.

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Sharon Salzberg, a New York Times best-selling author and meditation teacher, shares a beautiful guided meditation about the simple act of mindfully waiting in line.

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