Keep Calm and Breathe On

3-28-16 Keep Calm & Breathe On Header

Breathing is such a fundamental part of our lives, but stress can interfere with it in negative ways by shortening our breathing, making it shallower, and breathing with our chest more (which constricts air and blood flow). But engaging in deep abdominal breathing can counteract many of the body’s physical reactions to stress, such as lowering heart rate, releasing muscle tension, and lowering blood pressure. It’s also great at stimulating the relaxation response for a calmer, less stressed you.

This Monday and whenever you feel stressed, breath in and out to our brand new animated breathing graphics to help you feel instantly better and lower your stress levels!


Need more info on how to do deep breathing? Here’s how:

  • • Sit or lie down somewhere comfortable, close your eyes, and take a few moments to breathe regularly, allowing your body to slow down.
  • •  Place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly.
  • •  Inhale deeply through your nose for a count of four, making sure your belly is expanding and not your chest. Imagine breathing in energy and confidence.
  • •  Exhale for a count of four, breathing out stale air, stress, and anything you want to leave behind.
  • •  Continue this breathing cycle for a few minutes, keeping your breath even and smooth.

Check out the rest of our GIFs to help you relax!



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