Harness Your Strengths This Monday to Destress

This Monday, explore your strengths to build confidence by tapping your unused powers.

Each of us has core strengths – but you may be overlooking them.  When you take the time to identify and use them, chances are you’ll feel more focused and confident. Acknowledging and working from your strengths can be a powerful antidote to stress, yielding an improved outlook and greater overall happiness.

What is your Super Power?

Take some time to think about and write down your core strengths and talents.

Are you open-minded, empathetic, or wise?  Perhaps you excel in social intelligence like diplomacy, conversation, or listening?

Could you be a natural optimist with a zest for life, or curious, with a passion to learn?

What comes to mind for you? Here are some more ideas to consider: Critical thinker, teamwork mastermind, or funny, like a comedian.

Realizing your natural traits unlocks your confidence. Being able to perform without hesitation provides you with a sense of genuine self-assurance – and can greatly reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Complete this exercise on Monday and use your newfound super powers throughout the week. Share your extraordinary discoveries with us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

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