Get Moving

Step up From Your Desk for a Mini-Refresh

Our body and mind crave balance and rebooting, and one solution takes only a few minutes each hour! It’s called a “mini-refresh.”

Beat the Monday Blues With Bed Yoga!

Begin the day on the “right side of the bed” without even leaving it!

Invigorate Yourself with a Face Massage!

For a midday “mini-refresh,” give yourself a face massage to relieve tension and recharge.

Bust a Move to Boost Your Mood

Not only is dancing good for your body, it’s also been proven to be a great mood booster and stress-reliever. Wake up your bones and start this Monday off with some fresh moves of your own or try one of the classic moves featured in our new animated GIFs.

Yoga for the Body and Mind

Yoga is a great way to start the week – it can perk you up (without the coffee!) and give you the mental space to invite positivity and energy into your daily routine. Welcome the new day and the beginning of the week with a few, simple moves from the sun salutation yoga routine.

Refresh Your Monday with a Sun Salutation

Start your day with the sun salutation yoga routine to welcome the new week and refresh your mind and body!

Give Mindful Walking a Go

Mindful walking is one way to make a daily meditation practice part of your regular routine. The key is to pay attention to the experience of walking – the sights and sounds of your surroundings, the sensation of your feet on the ground and the rhythm of your gait.

Find Your Power Pose

A small change in how you sit or stand can make a big difference in your confidence. This Monday, refresh your mind and your body by taking two minutes to find your own power pose.