Get Moving

Feel the Groove and Make Your Moves

You should be dan-cing, yeahhh! Nothing picks up your mood faster than picking up your feet and getting your groove on. It works on every level – relieving stress, building muscle strength, improving balance and just making you feel good all over. A vigorous dance fever always cures the blues and gets you feeling energized. Best of all, we put together an irresistible set of dance tracks to get your whole body thumping and pumping. It’s just below the picture. C’mon, we’re playing your song!

Yoga Warrior: Strength and Focus

Awaken your inner warrior to feel your strength, focus and determination. This popular yoga pose and its variations will re-energize and rejuvenate you, helping to alleviate stress. As with any exercise, be careful to stretch and warm up properly.

Sunny Start to the Day

Feel the positive energy stream through your body as you start the week with the “Sun Salutation,” a yoga exercise that stimulates both body and mind. It’s a series of poses that stretch, flex and tone your muscles, while you meditate on calm, uplifting thoughts. Begin each day with the power and optimism of a bright morning sunrise. Try it now.

Take a Seat – Chair Yoga Part 2

If you enjoyed last week’s chair yoga instructional video, then sit right back down. New here? Then you’re welcome too. Join Amy Eberhardt, MPH, CYT, LMT, CPMT, a certified integral yoga instructor from NYU Langone Medical Center, as she guides you through another routine to move your joints and remove tension from your body.

Sit Down for This: Chair Yoga

Start the week with a wonderful way to reduce stress and energize muscles. You can easily do chair yoga at home or at work whenever you have a few spare minutes. Amy Eberhardt, MPH, CYT, LMT, CPMTa certified integral yoga instructor from NYU Langone Medical Center, will guide you through the moves with a brief and enlightening video.

Move into Your Happy with Mini-Workouts

Why not maximize your time and your effort by doing short spurts of activity throughout the day?

Step up From Your Desk for a Mini-Refresh

Our body and mind crave balance and rebooting, and one solution takes only a few minutes each hour! It’s called a “mini-refresh.”

Beat the Monday Blues With Bed Yoga!

Begin the day on the “right side of the bed” without even leaving it!

Bust a Move to Boost Your Mood

Not only is dancing good for your body, it’s also been proven to be a great mood booster and stress-reliever. Wake up your bones and start this Monday off with some fresh moves of your own or try one of the classic moves featured in our new animated GIFs.

Yoga for the Body and Mind

Yoga is a great way to start the week – it can perk you up (without the coffee!) and give you the mental space to invite positivity and energy into your daily routine. Welcome the new day and the beginning of the week with a few, simple moves from the sun salutation yoga routine.