Get Moving

Physical exercise, even for short periods, is one of the best ways to relieve physical and mental stress. Even a simple walk can boost your endorphophins, which in turn, reduces your stress hormones. No time for a walk? No problem. Many stretching exercises can be done right at your desk. They work well to relieve muscle tension and help clear your mind. Believe it or not, even dancing can improve your mood. So go ahead and kick up your heels! Now that we’ve got your mind in gear, check out these easy-to-do suggestions on how you can give body – and brain – a much needed break!

Get Moving to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

This Monday, we recommend using a set of wheels to unwind and move your soul. Sometimes destressing is as easy as feeling the joy of moving.

DeStress with the Women in Your Life

To honor the nation’s largest annual health event for women, National Women’s Health & Fitness Day on September 26th, DeStress Monday offer an ideal way to reduce stress and boost your health.

Three Simple Steps for Mindful Walking On Monday

Make Monday an occasion to try some mindful walking when you need to de-stress for a few minutes between activities.

This Monday, see why yoga can be the perfect exercise for both body and mind

Monday is an opportunity to start fresh and introduce new healthy behaviors in your life. Use this Monday to explore the ancient world of yoga and discover why it continues to be a celebrated and popular exercise, meditation, and art.

Beat Stress this Monday with Fun Yoga Tips for the Family to Enjoy Together

Deep inhale, big exhale, stretch, and relax! Try some family yoga on Monday. It will give your kids a new channel for their energy, reduce stress, and bring everyone a little lasting peace.

Relieve Stress This Monday with Self-Massage

Are you achy all over from too much stress? It’s time to learn some instant moves this Monday to keep you on the dance floor of life. Self-massage has been touted by health and wellness experts as a soothing way to work out tension in your body. With a gentle touch, knowing the basics can melt away stress.

Walk Off Stress this Monday

Need a proven tool to beat stress? Try some exercise this Monday. Studies show even a quick burst of exercise can reduce stress. Take a moment to lower stress and increase calm. 

Head stress off at the pass this Monday with Bed Yoga

When you wake up, don’t reach for your phone! Start your day with some self-care sunshine instead. This simple bed yoga routine will help you stretch into a stress-free Monday. Easy and relaxing, bed yoga is a gentle way to start the week.

Why Tai Chi Is the Perfect Way to Reduce Stress This Monday

It’s well-documented that exercise is great for stress relief. Getting active not only distracts you, but physically calms you down as well. Tai Chi, a Chinese martial art that has been practiced for millennia, is renowned for its meditative nature and ability to reduce stress while promoting strength, flexibility, and balance. This Monday, consider introducing yourself to Tai Chi for a stress-free week ahead!

This Monday, DeStress at Work with Easy Chair Yoga Moves

If you need to reduce stress at your desk, look no further than a good stretch! Throughout a typical day, it’s normal for tension to build up in our shoulders, neck, and back. Doing a few simple yoga moves can help relieve that tension – and you can do it while seated in a chair! This Monday, spend a few moments stretching your muscles and letting stress go!