Get Moving

Physical exercise, even for short periods, is one of the best ways to relieve physical and mental stress. Even a simple walk can boost your endorphins, which in turn, reduces your stress hormones. No time for a walk? No problem. Many stretching exercises can be done right at your desk. They work well to relieve muscle tension and help clear your mind. Believe it or not, even dancing can improve your mood. So go ahead and kick up your heels! Now that we’ve got your mind in gear, check out these easy-to-do suggestions on how you can give body – and brain – a much needed break!

Beat Stress with Progressive Muscle Relaxation

When you’re feeling stressed, the last thing you want to do is invite more tension. However, one great way to relieve tension is to immediately follow it with relaxation. This is how progressive muscle relaxation works. It’s a method used for stress reduction that asks you to focus on specific muscle groups, tense them up, and then relax them. If you’re stressed this Monday, tense up – and then let go!

Monday Refresh

The DeStress Monday Refresh is a series of stress-relieving practices designed to help settle your mind (through deep breathing), center you in the here and now (through mindfulness), chase away negative thoughts (by shifting to the positive), and encourage mental and physical wellness (by getting moving).

Best of 2019: Get Moving

We’re featuring our most popular articles related to relieving stress through physical activity. Check out the articles and start sweating the stress away.

This Monday, Take a Walk on the Calm Side

If you need to destress from work, school, or just life in general, take a walk. Mindful walking can reduce your chances of problems with blood pressure, obesity, depression and heart disease long term.

Relieve Stress This Monday with Self-Massage

Are you achy all over from too much stress? It’s time to learn some instant moves this Monday to keep you on the dance floor of life. Self-massage has been touted by health and wellness experts as a soothing way to work out tension in your body. With a gentle touch, knowing the basics can melt away stress.

Add This Warrior Yoga Pose to Your Wellness Routine

If you’re seeking to specifically improve your strength, focus, and determination, try warrior pose. This popular yoga progression and its variations will re-energize and rejuvenate you, helping to alleviate stress.

Invigorate Yourself with a Face Massage This Monday!

For a midday “mini-refresh,” give yourself a face massage to relieve tension and recharge.

Refresh Your Monday with a Sun Salutation

Start your day with the sun salutation yoga routine to welcome the new week and refresh your mind and body!

Tap into Your Inner Crane this Monday with Two Tai Chi Moves

This Monday, destress with Tai Chi, a low-impact but highly effective mind-body martial art that joins the breath with standing poses.

Get Moving to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

This Monday, we recommend using a set of wheels to unwind and move your soul. Sometimes destressing is as easy as feeling the joy of moving.