Get Moving to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

This Monday, we recommend using a set of wheels to unwind and move your soul. Sometimes destressing is as easy as feeling the joy of moving.

Your stress may be building up, especially if you’ve been spending too much time sitting, or you’ve been too busy to workout lately. It’s time to grab a set of wheels to get rolling.

Hop on a bike! Pedal to work, to run errands, or just for the fun of it. It’s great for both mental and physical health. You’ll be increasing your cardio, improving your joint mobility, lifting your spirits, and decreasing your stress level. Before you soar away, put on a helmet to protect your head!

Use Monday as a reminder to reset your stress levels. Exercise has been proven to relax you by reducing cortisol, the stress hormone. When you move, bend, flex, and push yourself, it may be challenging at first but after a few sessions, you’ll look forward to more.

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