Find Your Power Pose

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Our focus for this Monday is to help you improve your confidence in two minutes by changing your posture.

A small change in how you sit or stand can make a big difference in your confidence. According to a recent study by Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy, standing tall directly influences our biochemistry, increasing testosterone levels and decreasing the stress hormone cortisol.

This Monday, refresh your mind and your body by taking two minutes to find your own power pose. Here’s how:

  • •Sit up tall, and feel yourself being pulled upwards. Pay attention to how you are seated and how you feel both physically and emotionally.
  • •Bring to mind a moment when you felt truly confident and capable, whether at work or with family and friends. Picture how your posture changes when you feel confident.
  • •Stand up and move into a power pose: shoulders back, legs apart, and hands up in the air or planted on each hip. Hold your pose for two minutes, focusing on the mental picture of your strong, confident self.

Throughout the week, take a moment to focus on your posture whenever you need a boost of confidence. Sit or stand tall and bring to mind that part of yourself that can tackle even the toughest situation!

For more insight on power poses, listen to this Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy, and be sure to check out our own Monday Refresh meditations.