End the Year with Gratitude for Happier Holiday Season

Destress with gratitude for a happier holiday season

This Monday, let a celebration of gratitude set the tone for the holiday season! Taking time to be grateful can actually make you feel happier.

Before you start creating your New Year’s resolutions, spend some time this Monday reflecting on the best parts of 2018 before it wraps up. If you had a year with a few bumps, single out those events – big and small – that made you happy, hopeful, and peaceful instead.

Need some ideas to get started? Before you begin, take a moment to clear your mind with some deep breaths.

Now, recall a person who has helped you this year. Were you able to thank them? Take a moment now to mentally think of them and wish them well. Think of the benefits you received from their generosity.

Write a gratitude list. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar, let your feelings of gratitude soar through your pen. List anything you are grateful for this year, from a good cup of coffee to a wise friend. You might just feel amazing after you see a page full of people, places, and things you are grateful for in 2018.

Take a walk. Notice all the things you see: Trees, sunlight, weather, the shade under a tree, flowers, a neighborhood park. Feel the grace and goodness of your world. This is your home. Bask in your gratitude for all it provided in 2018 and how it will continue to do so in the future.

The science behind gratitude is solid. Multiple studies have shown people who practice it have a sense of wellbeing, stronger interpersonal relationships, and are happier.

This Monday, give thanks for the things that brought you joy this year. Gratitude is being thankful for what you have, without concentrating too much on what you don’t have. Next year, you can look forward to a future with less stress, more self-care, and positivity.

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