Don’t Lose Your Mind Over Lost Luggage

Vacations are designed to help us escape from the stress of regular life, but there can be plenty of sources of aggravation along the way. One of them is losing your luggage at the airport.

The headache of trying to find lost luggage or arranging to have late arriving luggage sent to your hotel can skyrocket your stress level. The summer heat doesn’t help matters.

One effective way to deal with frustrating situations such as losing your luggage is to take a minute to cool off. This will allow you to avoid saying or doing anything you’ll regret and will keep the moment from ruining your vacation.

Take a minute.

  • Allow yourself to stand still with your eyes closed for a minute (or several) to allow you to calm down.
  • The negative energy that comes with your anger will have an easier time leaving your body than if you tried to physically or verbally react.
  • If you want, you can also count to 10 during this “cooling off” period.

Keeping your frustration from spreading allows you to avoid ruining anyone else’s good time and helps put the inconvenience behind you so you can enjoy the rest of your vacation.