Develop Your Own Mantra

If you could make one wish, what would it be? Creating a mantra may not guarantee that your wish will be granted, but developing a practice that helps you focus on one thing at a time may drive you in the right direction. This Monday, figure out one of your deepest desires and create a mantra that you can use to keep yourself on target.

Some believe that practicing a mantra is a good way to manifest your dreams and goals. While “putting out the vibes” has yet to be proven successful, identifying one thing that can be character-building can be effective when you’re overwhelmed by your daily life. Perhaps you need to focus on having more self-confidence or you need to be a better listener. You can design a short mantra to repeat to yourself that reflects a simple, singular theme that can drive your day.

One way to identify the theme for your mantra is by free writing. Start jotting down whatever comes to mind when it comes to the way you’re feeling, what you wish you could change, what you want to achieve, etc. When something in particular strikes you, latch onto it. Concentrate on it and refine it so it becomes pointed and specific. Try to narrow it down into one brief, clean sentence or phrase that resonates with you. Write that phrase down and make it your official slogan, at least for today.

Now it’s time to meditate on your mantra. Find a place to sit down for a more traditional meditation or take a few moments at your desk or kitchen table. You can even repeat your mantra to yourself while taking a walk, tying your breath with your mantra.

Mantras are made to be part of a practice, but this practice is simple and can be taken with you anywhere. Whenever you feel like stress is overwhelming you, remember your mantra.