Deep Breathing

Try Controlled Breathing to Boost Your Energy on Monday

Are you drowsy during a meeting or sidetracked by distractions? Try some controlled deep breathing this Monday to fire you up and be more productive.

Revive! Try this easy one-minute breathing exercise that you can do anywhere and anytime:

On Monday, Try Deep Belly Breathing to Sleep Well

Not getting enough sleep? Instead of getting grumpy, try some deep belly breathing exercises this Monday to relax and get some rest tonight.

Give Your Heart Some Love this Monday with Stealth Breathing

In a matter of moments, turn down stress to find calm again by doing some stealth deep breathing. It’s one of the quickest and most reliable ways to slow a racing heart. This Monday, use deep breathing to de-stress and support your heart.

This Monday, Take A Pause and Alleviate Stress

When situations become heated, give your stress a time-out this Monday. Putting on the brakes in a stressful situation can stop the momentum of your stress from building and preserve your well-being.

Get Calm Fast: Mindful Breathing Can Help Any Time, Anywhere

How do you calm down when you’re feeling stressed? It’s an important question to ask yourself. One recommendation from doctors and scientists is to focus on your breath. This Monday, we share popular yet researched-supported breathing techniques to help you calm down quickly.

This Monday, Uncover an Iceberg: Look Beneath the Surface of Your Anger

Things aren’t always as they seem, right? Make Monday about discovering what’s really going on when we lose our cool and get angry.

Sharpen Your Focus

Each workweek seems to start with an electronic barrage of emails, text messages and online posts. This added stimuli can scatter our attention, making it difficult to concentrate. With practice, however, you can learn to improve your focus and tune out distractions. Use this breathing exercise to help center your concentration.

Keep Calm and Breathe On

Engaging in deep abdominal breathing can counteract many of the body’s physical reactions to stress. This Monday and whenever you feel stressed, breath in and out to our brand new animated breathing graphics to help you feel instantly better and lower your stress levels!

6 GIFs to Help You Relax

Deep breathing can help you relax. Time your breath to these animated breathing graphics and notice how much better you feel afterwards.

Relax Your Mind & Body

Passive muscle relaxation (PMR) is a relaxation technique that uses the power of the mind to decrease the physiological response to stress. The Department of Integrative Health Programs at NYU Langone Medical Center created a 5-minute guided meditation to help you start the week feeling calm and relaxed.