Best of 2019: Mindfulness

To be mindful is to be present in the moment. That means embracing the entire sensory experience and noticing everything going on around you. Increasing awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and surroundings has the remarkable ability to keep you present and grounded.

But how does one become more mindful?

We’ve assembled a collection of our most popular Destress Monday articles all focused on achieving an improved state of mindfulness. These techniques, tips, and methods can be applied almost immediately, and with a bit of practice, you can tame those thoughts roaming around your mind and reclaim inner peace.

Mindfulness 101: Where and When to Practice

Here we have the fundamentals of mindfulness practices, including deep breathing techniques, being present and positive, and the benefits of loving kindness. See how easy it is to fit a moment of mindfulness into your schedule.

For Mindfulness 101: Where and When to Practice, click here.

One Minute Meditations

Taking just one minute to meditate can do wonders for your calmness and clarity. Use this Monday to take a minute to destress with a one-minute meditation, and start your week feeling refreshed.

For One Minute Meditations, click here.

Reading Fiction for Stress Relief

What if there was an easy way to escape to your stress? Maybe you can’t physically transport to another time or place, but reading can take your mind out of the real world, if only temporarily. Don’t worry if you’re not a voracious reader – it only takes six minutes to immerse yourself in a story and reduce your stress levels.

For Reading Fiction for Stress Relief, click here.

Reduce Stress with Music

For generations, culture has produced music not just for entertainment but for our well-being. If you’re feeling stressed this Monday, put on your headphones and tune out!

For Reduce Stress with Music, click here.