Best of 2019: Get Moving

The body and mind are inextricably linked. A good workout — whether it be a dance class, a walk around the neighborhood, or a Monday morning Sun Salutation — has the power to positively shift our current state-of-being and future outlook.

Physical activity cleanses the mind of stress and clutter, and, by engaging our muscles, we it also relieves tension throughout the body. For this week’s Best of 2019 roundup, we’re featuring our most popular articles related to relieving stress through physical activity. Check out the articles below and start sweating the stress away.

Refresh Your Monday with a Sun Salutation

Start Monday with an exercise for the body and mind. Among its many benefits, yoga can help reduce stress and anxiety while improving strength and flexibility. Begin your day with Sun Salutation, or Surya Namaskar — an honoring of the sun through a series of poses and positions.

For the Sun Salutation Positions, click here.

Beat Stress with Progressive Muscle Relaxation

When feeling stressed, the last thing you want to do is introduce more tension into the mix. But you can quickly get relief by practicing progressive muscle relaxation, a method used for stress reduction that asks you to focus on specific muscle groups, tense them up, and then relax them. If you’re stressed this Monday, tense up – and then let go!

For Progressive Muscle Relaxation Techniques, click here.

This Monday, Destress at Work with Easy Chair Yoga Moves

If you need to reduce stress at your desk, look no further than a good stretch! Throughout the day it’s normal for tension to build up in  shoulders, neck, and back, but you can alleviate that tension with a few simple yoga poses, all of which can be completed from the comfort of your office chair.

For Easy Chair Yoga Poses, click here.

Sun salutation for your DeStress Monday