Beat the Monday Blues With Bed Yoga!


Many of us wake up on Mondays feeling tired and not ready to start the week; and finding the motivation to go to the gym or yoga studio can seem like an impossible feat. But according to NYU Langone’s Department of Integrative Health Programs, you can begin the day on the “right side of the bed” without even leaving it! That’s where bed yoga comes in.

Given that yoga is a proven stress and anxiety reliever, practicing bed yoga can help you start the day with zest and positivity. Even more, it can help reduce your risk of heart disease, improve sleep, and get you in better shape. The comfortable surface is very accommodating to older people or those with a disability or injury, and bed yoga is great for busy people who might more easily add 5-10 minutes of bed yoga to their day rather than an hour-long workout session.

Ready to try bed yoga? Follow our Monday Morning Bed Yoga routine, which was created by Amy Eberhardt, MPH, CYT, LMT, CPMT, integrative health educator at NYU Langone, who developed it keeping hospital staff and caregivers in mind.