What is DeStress Monday?

DeStress Monday is an initiative of The Monday Campaigns, a nonprofit public health initiative associated with Columbia, Johns Hopkins and Syracuse Universities. It helps people put a positive start on each week, while reducing stress throughout the week. DeStress Monday provides helpful, evidence-based stress reduction tools and resources distributed through our website, social media and our weekly newsletters. These assets are made available for individual use as well as for companies, hospitals and schools at no charge.

Is stress bad?

It can be quite serious, actually. Chronic, unmanaged stress is a growing problem in the U.S. and around the world. Persistent stress has been shown to cause cardiovascular risks, digestive disorders, decreased immune response as well as sleep loss and mood disorders.

How can Monday help?

Monday marks the start of the week. Many people view this day as a “fresh start,” a day to reset healthy habits or just the day to “get my act together.” Reinforcing this positive mindset can help set the tone for the entire week. DeStress Monday can make a real difference in this regard. It provides lively, informative tips and resources that encourage everyone to have a “happy new week” starting each Monday.