Weekly Tips

Start Each Week Calm, Focused and Positive

Use our weekly tips to reduce tension and anxiety in your life. These science-based practices are designed to alleviate both physical and mental stress. So you can start each week with a fresh, positive outlook.

Stay Calm in the Storm

Living a life free of stress is a noble goal but ultimately an impossible one. No matter how hard we try, outside forces will interfere with a seemingly uneventful day and cause us some level of stress. Since stress is a normal part of all of our lives, however, we can all learn to become experts in managing how we deal with it. This Monday, when the storm of stress hits, ride it out!

The Bright Side of Hope

Trying to find something to drive you isn’t always easy, but having hope is one simple way to keep yourself going. According to positive psychology, hope motivates us towards a goal while maintaining the belief that goal can and will be achieved. It’s something we can hold on to while we persevere. If you want to set a new goal for yourself this Monday, remember to include hope while you pursue it.

The Benefits of Smiling

“It takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown!” This is a common expression used to encourage people to look at the bright side and focus on the positive. But what if the physical act of smiling actually had a positive effect on your brain? Research says that it just might! Start this Monday with a smile to give your brain a pick-me-up!


If you’re feeling stressed this Monday, it might help you to look beyond yourself to find something that makes you happy. If you can think of even one person who has shown you the tiniest bit of generosity, consider yourself grateful – and thank them. The act of expressing gratitude may reduce feelings of stress in your life, so find some time this Monday to pay it forward!

Finding Balance

“Having a life” means spending your time being productive and social in the outside world. While it’s important to stay in the loop and earn a living, it’s equally important to take time for yourself. After all, you are the primary figure in your life. Spend this Monday finding balance between what you do for others and what you do for yourself.

Celebrating Everyday Heroes

It’s easy to become stressed out when there are many frustrating factors in your life. Maybe the news is always causing you to worry or your job is becoming more of a chore than a pleasure. One way to refocus how you think is to remember that there is good happening outside the cycle of negativity – and you can play a role in that. This Monday, consider everyday heroes and what some people – and you – are doing to make the world a better place.

Find Your Happy Place

If you’re already dreading the week ahead when you wake up Monday morning, take a deep breath and find your happy place. Guided visualization is a relaxation tool used to reduce stress and provide a calming effect on the entire body. Rather than head into your week in a frazzled state, take five minutes this Monday to create a safe haven in your mind.


If you’ve been holding in a lot of anger after someone hurt you, you might be hurting yourself even more. Stress caused by being mad at someone or holding a grudge can have an effect on physical health. One way to alleviate those symptoms is to practice forgiveness. This Monday, resolve to relieve yourself of a stressful burden and learn to forgive.

Happiness as Medicine

When many of us hear the word “health,” we tend to think about what’s going wrong with our health. “Health” is associated with doctors, illnesses, and preventing the need to deal with either of those. What if we flipped the script and made health about what is making us thrive instead of what is making us sick?

Unplug to Unwind This Monday

It’s a source of pride to be “plugged in” to daily life. Whether you’re using technology to follow pop culture or the news, or it’s helping you do your job and keep up with friends, being tethered to our smartphones and computers keeps us in the loop every second of the day. But is that a good thing?