Weekly Tips

Start Each Week Calm, Focused and Positive

Use our weekly tips to reduce tension and anxiety in your life. These science-based practices are designed to alleviate both physical and mental stress. So you can start each week with a fresh, positive outlook.

Happiness as Medicine

When many of us hear the word “health,” we tend to think about what’s going wrong with our health. “Health” is associated with doctors, illnesses, and preventing the need to deal with either of those. What if we flipped the script and made health about what is making us thrive instead of what is making us sick?

Unplug to Unwind This Monday

It’s a source of pride to be “plugged in” to daily life. Whether you’re using technology to follow pop culture or the news, or it’s helping you do your job and keep up with friends, being tethered to our smartphones and computers keeps us in the loop every second of the day. But is that a good thing?

Reading Fiction for Stress Relief

There are several ways to make time for yourself when daily stress is taking its toll. But what if there was an easy way to escape to somewhere else? Maybe you can’t physically transport to another time or place, but reading fiction can take your mind out of the real world for a short time.


This week, think of Monday as a fresh start. Use it to reset your attitude and confidence. Begin by taking several deep, calming breaths, then gently let go of your worries and stress. Pledge to make this week positive and productive. Keep this uplifted outlook throughout the week by making a few sensible choices in your diet, exercise and sleep. Let your positive energy radiate to those around you.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

This Monday, begin to take better control of your life and your happiness. Let’s look at ways to defuse nagging little worries that seem to weigh heavily on our minds. Obsessing over tiny details can flood the body with stress hormones. When taken to extreme, these stress hormones can increase your risk of heart disease and weaken your immune system. So, isn’t it time you cut your worries down to size? With some practice and persistence, you’ll soon be agonizing less and feeling much more confident.

Wake Up Monday with Mindful Showering

Finding time to practice mindfulness may be well within your daily routine. This Monday morning, select an activity you usually do alone and place yourself in the moment. Focus on each detail of the task, without judging or analyzing. if your thoughts start to wander, gently return them to present. Begin each week with mindfulness to help relieve stress and anxiety. You’ll feel more centered, confident and energized.

Self-Care Starts on Monday

It’s easy to get caught up in a swirl of non-stop activities. In fact, you may even take pride in being able to handle so many things at once. But eventually, there’s a tipping point: where stress builds up and burnout creeps in. That’s why self-care – or me time – is so vital. This Monday, begin the week by deciding to give yourself some well-deserved attention.


Being a parent or working at a demanding job – or both – creates a great deal of stress, chaos and anxiety. There’s always too much to do and never enough time to do it. Start this week by reducing the tension and taking greater control of your schedule. Try this practice in the morning when you’re awake and alert. You’ll soon feel more calm and confident in managing your tasks.

Be Kind Starting with You

When you hear about kindness and compassion, you usually think of showing it to other people. But giving yourself this positive support is equally important. By being less self-critical and judgmental, we can reduce our anxiety, depression and stress. Use this week’s practice to accept who you are and to celebrate the goodness of your being.

Feel the Groove and Make Your Moves

You should be dan-cing, yeahhh! Nothing picks up your mood faster than picking up your feet and getting your groove on. It works on every level – relieving stress, building muscle strength, improving balance and just making you feel good all over. A vigorous dance fever always cures the blues and gets you feeling energized. Best of all, we put together an irresistible set of dance tracks to get your whole body thumping and pumping. It’s just below the picture. C’mon, we’re playing your song!