DeStress Monday is part of a comprehensive worksite wellness program used by workplaces, campuses and communities. It utilizes the science of Mondays to help people achieve long-term behavior change.

In addition to stress relief, there are programs focusing on nutrition, physical activity, and smoking cessation. There are free resources such as posters, emails, infographics, and weekly tips that can help people of all ages achieve their health goals. If you’re interested in one or more of these programs, you can find out more at

To learn more about how you can incorporate DeStress Monday into your program go here or contact us at


Other Resources You May Find Helpful

National Institute of Health Scientific facts and information about the mental and physical condition of stress and effects on the body.

Medline Plus Articles, tools, and information on managing stress. Helpful tools about how to manage stress, and make the most of our stress-response adaptation.

American Psychological Association Videos, articles, tips & tricks to reduce stress.

NIH / National Center for Complementary & Alternation Medicine (NCCAM) Learn research based best-practices to relax.

NHS / Awareness of Mental Wellbeing